Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Week Walking with Christ (Intro)

So it has been quite a while since I have posted anything on here but today I just wanted to post something that I was working on for church. I am teaching this Sunday in Relief Society, the lesson is getting to know your sisters, and getting to know Christ. We will be playing games to help us get to know the sisters in the ward, then I will hand out these packets.

These packets have 7 envelopes in them, one for each day. In each envelope there is questions, a scripture, a story, and a challenge. Each day the sisters are to open an envelope in the morning and ponder on the things they read that day. After 7 days they will feel closer to the Lord.

I wanted to post this on here, I had something similar when I was in Young Women's, it was a 14 day walk tho and I was hoping to shorten it to a week. But it must have been something that my Young Women instructors made, because I couldn't find it anywhere on the Internet. I did find my copy at my parents house, and edited it to be for more than just Young Women.

With posting it here I am hoping to be able to have it available for others to use :)
(I tried posting it all together, I think it was too large, so I am posting one page at a time)

A Week Walking With The Savior

The only way we can really know another person is to walk in their shoes. Think what they think. Learn what they know. Read what they say. Then most importantly, do what they do. Christ said, “Be ye therefore perfect.” We can only accomplish this as we become like him. At this Easter Season we are going to take a week, 7 days, walking with Christ. For the next week please follow these instructions. As you do you will have the opportunity to think about our Savior Jesus Christ and the sacrifice that He made in our behalf.

Instructions:In the morning: set aside enough time to open the envelope for that day. Each day has a set of questions followed by a story, or poem, and a scripture, and challenge to help you walk with Christ. Read and PONDER what is written. Try to keep what you read in mind throughout the day. Perhaps take it with you to reread. At the end of the day: evaluate how you did, and write your thoughts and feelings in your journal

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